August 15 – Nurturing Your Network

Thank you to all those who were able to make our August Coffee Connections. In discussing this very broad topic of networking, the group focused on three specific themes:

1) Personal – Be authentic. We discussed focusing on who you are and what you want, not who you think you should be and what you think you should want. This can be challenging at times because you probably play a different role within different environments – from work, to friends, to family. The more consistent and authentic you can be as a person, the more you’re likely to 1. be happy and 2. attract the right people to grow and strengthen your network.

2) Inspiring – Find people who challenge you. It’s important to be aware of the diversity and breadth of your network. We encourage you to find people who inspire you, engage you and give you energy – this could be someone who has a completely different career path/ interests/ goals than you do.

3) Valuable – Focus on giving rather than receiving. EVERYONE has a lot to offer – be willing to think about what you can do for someone you hope to meet/network with before you think about asking them for something. You’d be surprised at how much connection this can drive, and how much you can get in return.


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