October 10 – Leading Effective Meetings

We had a fun and engaging discussion about Effective Meetings this month, thank you to all the attendees for the insights and feedback you shared! Overall, we all agreed that meetings can be a place for you to lead and add value to your organization – no matter your level. A small set of the tips/ideas shared to make the most of your meeting (saving everyone time and helping your teams get stuff accomplished) are below:

  • Understand the objective of the meeting in advance (put it in all communications – calendar invites, emails, and state it aloud at the meeting kickoff so that everyone is on the same page).
  • If you start to stray from the agenda as a group (or think an individual is losing sight of the objective) speak up and ask permission to bring everyone back on track.
  • If the leader of the meeting isn’t a strong facilitator, speak to that person in advance and ask if they’d be willing to let you try that role – this ask could be framed as a development opportunity or as a way to help you stay organized, saving that person from any ego issues.
  • If you’re brainstorming – have someone write ideas on a whiteboard as they’re stated – this will make sure everyone feels ‘heard’ and that ideas are given equal weight/consideration. It can also be used to ‘remind’ someone who keeps pushing/reiterating the same points that their idea is already on the board.
  • If you’re looking for a way to gain an ally or additional support, support someone else’s ideas. Speak up on their behalf or steer the conversation back to their point if it was glossed over – they’ll appreciate it and return the favor in the future.

Again – THANK YOU to everyone who could join us – despite being a bit more tactical, this was a really fun, lively topic.


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