September 12 – Women’s Leadership in the C-Suite

Deborah Koland spoke at our September 12 event on the topic of Women Leaders in the C-Suite – why, despite women’s equal hiring and equal capabilities, we’re not seeing women rise to the top levels of leadership of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 organizations. It comes down to the structural and cultural environment created for and by leaders within each organization. High-potential, driven women are different types of leaders than men – they have different goals, styles and tools for motivating, driving strategy and creating results. For a woman leader to ‘fit in’ to the mold of the C-suite, often she feels like she has to change- play a part, meet an image or an expectation that doesn’t align with her true self, which is an exhausting proposition. We had a great time learning from Deborah – her research experiences, her work experiences, and about  WOLF – check out their website and their event on October 10th – it’s currently sold out but can be livestreamed. (I’m happy to share this link as well, message us if you’d like it emailed to you!)

We send Deb a big thank you and high five for her work, insights, and for chatting with us – the discussion was incredibly interesting and empowering, and we look forward to having her speak again to share how her process has advanced.


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